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For partners abroad

dima_nice_birghtonARELS.jpgDirector of the Esperanto Group Mr.Dmitri Severski: «Our motto is‘We know a best school for every one!’ and we imply a strong meaning and our way of working on fulfilling this motto. I believe that a good educational institution is the one that satisfies all the needs and expectations of the student. If the consulting agent has done his job in an honest and proper way — the way my employees do it, the students are guaranteed to come to a GOOD school, university or linguistic centre and our partners will find new students and a companion they will never regret having».

Planet Esperanto company (since 2011 Esperanto Group) was established in 1992. We started with a small group of enthusiasts who worked to establish contacts with foreign educational institutions. In 1994 Planet Esperanto became one of the first companies to create the quickly expanding international education market in Russia. The company has begun organizing language courses language courses abroad, mainly in the United Kingdom. 

Today, Planet Esperanto (Esperanto Group) is a full valid member of a consulting group of the British Council, Russian Association of tour operators, National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA), European Council of Independent Schools and is one of the leading educational consulting companies in Russia. 

We consult our customers on institutions as well as organize educational programs in different countries. The name of the company brings to mind Esperanto language, which was thought to eliminate barriers between people of different nations. 

We offer a large number of learning programs of various kinds in hundreds of institutions around the world in more than 20 countries. We offer all of the above, super short intensive courses, Executive MBA for company leaders or summer schools for the younger ones. We work with institutions of the highest level (such as LSE) as well as offer our customers high class services and a 100% guarantee of acceptance from the institution. 

We offer our partners smooth business relations, quick transactions as it is in our interest to help them achieve absolute success. We also expect high efficiency and professionalism from our partners. Today in Russia we offer top quality overseas education for individuals and groups, such as: 

94% of our students were fully satisfied with their studies, residence and time spent in the foreign institution. 
98% of customers showed interest in coming to the same institution again next year! 

We hope you are interested in partnership with Esperanto Group indeed. Please do contact us

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